Suzanne Lee Personal Histories
"Capturing Your Life in Words"
Suzanne Lee
Fairport, New York
My Services Include:

* Printed Memoirs - I edit your stories and add your family 
   photos, then they are printed as a book.  
* Oral History Interviews - I record you telling your stories 
   in your own voice. Your family will be able to listen to your 
   stories on their computers or MP3 players. 
* Family History Books - I can help you publish 
   your genealogy research. 
* Catalogs of family heirlooms and antiques
* Family cookbooks
* Family tree charts
* Scanning family photos
* Published letters, diaries, or journals
* House or cabin histories
* Pet memorials
* Travelogues
* Ethical wills
* I can also edit and proofread books or documents you have 
   written yourself.

I can perform these services either for you or on your behalf for a loved one, such as your parent or grandparent. My services make a great gift to someone you love!

Give Your Stories 
On Any Occassion: 

* Birthday
* Christmas
* Mother's Day or Father's 
* Engagement, Wedding, 
   or Anniversary
* Graduation
* Birth or adoption of a new 
* Retirement/Promotion
* Family Reunion

Or treat yourself to the gift of your loved ones' stories; hire me to interview your beloved parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or other family member or friend.