Suzanne Lee Personal Histories
"Capturing Your Life in Words"
Suzanne Lee
Fairport, New York
What Is Your Story?

We all have stories...
Stories of our family & friends, our faith, our work, our hobbies, our military service, our travel...and of life's ups & downs, highs & the lows, successes & and lessons learned. 
Who were you named for? Who taught you to drive? What's the hardest thing you've ever done? Did you ever have scarlet fever? What are the stories that explain who you are and what has been important in your life?

And just as importantly, do your children and grandchildren know those stories? Do they know who all those people are in your photos? Too often when a loved one passes away, people say, "I wish I had thought to ask Grandpa..." or "If I could only hear Mom's voice again." Don't let that happen to your loved ones; capture your stories for them now! They make great gifts for holidays and special occassions. 

I can help you record those precious stories - the triumphant and the trivial, the good and the bad, the funny and the sad - about you, your parents and grandparents, or other family members you want remembered. Your stories can be captured through an oral history interview, a printed memoir with family photos included, or a family history book that your kids and grandkids will treasure. 

Your stories are your most valuable legacy! Give them to your family today, and capture them for the generations to come. 

"I'm sorry I don't have something like this written by my parents; I would love to have had that. I heard the stories, but no one ever wrote them down, and now it's too late. We're losing a lot of our history. I'm glad my kids will have my book." - Dee M., Fairport, New York

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